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Imagination And Dreams

They're always impractical

Nov 23, 2020 ยท 1 min read

Photo by Hannah Jacobson on Unsplash

But if we only ever create things that are practical, what's the point of having an imagination and following a dream?

- Some random YouTube video

It's late at night but I'm still in the middle of archiving some rather large files. So I decided to watch random YouTube videos until the file transfers finish. I came across this video about a show-bike powered by an airplane engine. The video was pretty dull, but the quote in the end hit me right in the feels that I just had to put it here. Couple it with a good banner photo and bam! Non-dev blog post!

Goodnight people!

PS: I've updated my blog to... support crossing out lines strikethroughs! Well, the bulk of the work was a long overdue refactor that blocked implementation of strikethroughs, or at least made it really painful to implement without doing it first. But at last, I've done it! I declare this weekend a success!

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